Tammy Is A Rascal

Lyrics & Music by Roy Braverman
© 2008 Bravermania Music

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Tammy Is A Rascal

Tammy Is A Rascal … but nobody knows
She keeps it hidden underneath her clothes
She’s got a scarlet letter or two
The only one she’s missing is ‘U’
Tammy Is A Rascal

Tammy is a rascal … you better believe
She’ll take your heart and wear it on her sleeve
She plays a pretty good 9 to 5
At 6 o’clock she comes alive
Tammy Is A Rascal

I heard about the game she played
The rules she broke and the law she laid
You want to be the man she made
And so you play her masquerade
Tammy Is A Rascal

Tammy Is A Rascal like I want to be
She makes me feel the devil in me
She try to to act like the shoe don’t fit
She doesn’t fool me one little bit
Tammy Is A Rascal


Produced & Arranged By:
Roy Braverman


Recording Studios:
Recorded at the Bravermania studio.
All Recorded By:
Roy Braverman
Mixing Studio:
Mixed in the Bravermania studio.
Mixed By:
Roy Braverman
All Instruments:
Roy Braverman
Performed On Keyboards
All Vocals:
Roy Braverman

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As I said regarding my song 'Kresha'

(http://www.bravermania.com/kresha.html) ...

One day I was hanging out in the dining room at Advantage Audio with Tammy & Kresha.  As I had done before, I sang a bit of the Debbie Reynolds classic hit 'Tammy' ... and Tammy moaned about how many people did that ... and how she hated that song!

After blurting out a promise to write a song called 'Kresha' (which I did!) I then opened my mouth again and said I should write a new song for Tammy ... since she hated the old one.
I guess I like to challenge myself like that  :)
Well ... I also immediately told her that it would be called 'Tammy Is A Rascal' ... because she had told me some very rascally tales of her wild and impetuous youth.  Ha ha!
And so I have created this equally rascally song!


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