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2010 Daytime Emmy Award Nomination


I'm honored to be nominated, along with my colleagues Robert Poole and Robbi Smith at Advantage Audio ( for another Daytime Emmy Award in 2010!  This nomination, my third to date, is for the Disney show 'Phineas & Ferb' ... in the category Outstanding Achievement In Sound Editing: Live Action And Animation.  I have won two Daytime Awards previously in this same category ... this is my first Emmy nomination for my Foley endeavors (along with two MPSE Golden Reel Award nominations for Foley, including this year for 'Fairly Odd Parents').  To see my online awards page, click my 'earrings' picture (below). 
To see all of the 2010 Datime Emmy nominees, click on the statue above or the NATAS nomination below.
Congratulations to Ray Leonard, Mike Beiriger, Erik Wiese & Amy Pohler & everyone on 'Mighty B!,' Dan Povenmire & all the writers and composers & everyone else on 'Phineas & Ferb,' David Wilcox & everyone on 'Curious George,' all the writers on 'Fairly Odd Parents,' Stephen Hillenberg & everyone on 'SpongeBob,' Mary Harrington, and to all my colleagues who were also nominated!!

Click this pic to visit
my Awards page

Click to visit 'Phineas & Ferb'
on The Disney Channel site

Because the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences site list the many names of the nominees in all the categories,
I've posted our nomination below for you to see:




Announcing my appointment to the
National Association of Record Industry Professionals
Board of Directors

Culminating a long and beautiful association with the National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP),
I am very honored and proud to announce my appointment to their Board of Directors.
You can read the beautiful and flattering NARIP anouncement here:
A very special thank you and respectable tip o' the hat to Tess Taylor, founder and president of NARIP and LAMN.
Tess does more in one day than most people do in a month.
She is profoundly generous in helping to educate, motivate, and fascilitate
everyone who loves music and endeavors in the music business.
While I am involved in all aspects of NARIP and its sister organization LAMN (the Los Angeles Music Network)(, my official NARIP title is 'Audio Advisor.'  I can often be found recording NARIP events.  I edit and master most of them for sale on the NARIP website (
In October of 2009, I enthusiastically assisted in the creation of NARIP's Philadelphia chapter.  Philly is my hometown, and a very, very big music city. Check out what Wikipedia has to say about that ( I highly encourage my Philly Phriends to attend NARIP events! 
NARIP also has chapters in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Houston, New York, London, and brand new in Atlanta.  It's time for my now famous quote: 'Networking is better than not working!'


2010 MPSE Golden Reel Nomination


I'm honored to be nominated, along with my colleagues at Advantage Audio ( for another MPSE Golden Reel Award in 2010!  This nomination, my 20th to date, is for the Nikelodeon show Fairly Odd Parents - "Wishology: The Big Beginning" ... in the category Best Sound Editing: Television Animation.  I have won five Golden Reel Awards previously for mixing and sound design/supervision ... this is my second nomination for my Foley endeavors (last year for Nikelodeon's 'Tak and the Power of Juju").  To see my online awards page, click my picture.  To see all of the 2010 Golden Reel nominees, click on the statue or the logo above.  Congratulations to all my friends and colleagues who were also nominated!!

Click this pic to see all
2010 MPSE Golden Reel Awards Nominees

Click this pic to visit
my Awards page

'The Fairly Odd Parents'

Because the MPSE site only has a link to a pdf file for the names of the people nominated,
I've posted our nomination page below for you to see:


Recent Recordings

Click to hear 'Wild Horses' by Interstate 71
(Picture by Eilif Mikkelsen)

Click the picture above to hear 'Wild Horses' ... the Rolling Stones' song ...recently recorded by Interstate 71 ... which is a group comprised of me and some musical cronies from George Washington High School in Philadelphia, Class of 71 (mostly).

Bravermania 'Studio'

A mic, a piano, my personal shrine ... what else would anyone need for inspiration?

Lately I have been recording some very cool music at Chez Roy.  My place is not acoustically treated, but it is isolated and very quiet ... so (as long as the air conditioner compressors aren't humming) I can have lots of musical fun.

I've been recording Michael Caruso here ... and the results have been magical.  Some people ask what we are doing to get great results.  It's as simple as this:  We love making music.  No drama ... no craziness ... just making the music because, well ... it's what we do.

Michael's music is not yet ready to post (coming soon!) ... but I have two new gems for you.

Click the pictures below.  Enjoy!  Repeat.

Click to hear
'Tammy Is A Rascal'

Click to hear
'You Are The Star'

EcoGift Festival


The EcoGift Festival was some event!
Three days at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium dedicated to ecologically sound gifts for the holidays ... featuring guest speakers (like Arianna Huffington) and 16 musical acts.   I was mixing and recording the musicians' stage ... and whew! ... what a festival indeed!  With the very much appreciated assistance of Alex Daro and Danny Langa (thankyou guys!!!!!!) we set up the sound system, moved it for the fire marshall, cha-chaed our way through complex act changes (from solo performers to 9-piece bands) and then broke it all down.  Again ... whew!  And again ... Thank you Alex & Danny!!!
Special thanks to event coordinator Jay Donnellen (whom I met at a NARIP brunch ... see below) ... Jay did an amazing job handling so many aspects of the event.  Most of all ... she gave me so much responsibility ... how did she know I would handle it?  She's eithera very good judge of people ... or very lucky!  :)
All of the musicians were amazing.  Click on the EcoGift picture above to visit the website ... and click through to check out all the artists.  And come out to the EcoGift Fwstival next year!
One more special note:  Jackson Brown sat in with Tom Freund on two of the three days.  Quite a treat!

NARIP, LAMN, and all things Tess Taylor

Nat'l Assoc. of
Record Industry Professionals

As I like to say: 'Networking is better than not working!'
I've attended many NARIP functions lately ... and I always meet at least a few fascinating people with whom I become friends and go on to do business.  Singers, songwriters, musicians, producers, vocal instructors, entertainment attorneys, publishers, record company folks (yes ... they still exist!) ... I have met many great people at NARIP functions.
I have also been recording, editing and mastering many of the NARIP events ... available at the NARIP website.  Click on the NARIP logo to go there!

My favorite NARIP event
(for obvious reasons)

Bird's-eye view of
My first NARIP event

Los Angeles Music Network

Urban Music Contest

Rock Music Contest

Starving For Gravity
Rock Winners

Aunt Kizzy's Boyz
Urban Winners

I enjoyed mixing these live events!
It was a great challenge to have 4-6 acts per night ... juggling microphones and direct boxes ... and dealing with mega decibels ... but in the end everyone praised the sound  :)  And ... it was good training for the EcoGift Festival (see above),which was far more challenging!  I want to say that Zab Spencer was an enormous help at the LAMN Jams ... I would have had a very tough time without his help!
Click on the LAMN Jam logos to visit the LAMN website ... and click on the winners' pics to visit their websites.

Me & Tess at the
Winery Music Awards Finals

It's been a pleasure working with Tess on many NARIP and LAMN projects and events. She is a great person, always bringing excellence and intelligence to everything she does ... while doing more than any ten other people to help advance the art and careers of all musicians.  You would be wise to attend NARIP and LAMN events!

Tess & I
promoting a sponsor


Here are some musicians, singers, songwriters and producers I have cha-ched with recently!
Click on the pictures to visit their websites and learn more about them.

Michael Caruso / Michael's Disciples
At Kulak's Woodshed

Michael Caruso / Michael's Disciples
At The Rainbow

Michael Caruso, Steve Eisenberg
Me, Rick Rydell

Michael's a great guy and an amazing talent ... Our history goes waaaaaaay back to our first album in New York ... then moves through band travels, label deals, songwriting, performing ... Click on the top picture to visit Michael's MySpace ... Click on the middle picture to see my Bravermania page about our history ... Click on the bottom picture to read about our band's first trip to L.A.

Steve Eisenberg
Steve E Love Sound

Steve Eisenberg

On a recent trip to my hometown Philadelphia, I reunited with Steve E after many years ... I visited his studio in Lansdowne, PA ... jammed with Steve, Rick Rydell, and Steve's band 'Don't Tell Becky.'  Also, Steve recently came up with a great idea: He asked various people from our high school to record together ... long distance (via file transfers).  He calls it 'Interstate 71' (yeah ... that's when we graduated ... just before they discovered fire!).  Our first song: 'Wild Horses' ... I plan to remix it soon and will post it on Bravermania.

The top pic links to the Steve E Love Sound website ... The bottom pic links to my Bravermania 'Live Music' page where you can find a picture od me, Steve, Michael Caruso, Rick Rydell, Walt Barr & Paul Schwartz in an ad for our band 'Sunrise'  :)

Rick Rydell

On that same recent trip to Philly, I reunited with Rick Rydell ... our band disbanded many years ago, and we all drifted our separate ways.  Rick and I had great fun reminiscing, looking at old photos, listening to some ancient recordings (Rick was the recording buff back then) ... then we did some jamming (jazz at his place, pop-rock a couple days later at Steve Eisenberg's studio).  Rick is now a successful video editor ... and I don't think he has a website (not even a MySpace!) ... so his picture links to my Bravermania page about Rick and his bringing me into my first studio sessions in New York.

Elinor Sitrish
Israel's Finest!

Elinor Sitrish & Me
At Viva Cantina

Shortly after I met Elinor we began playing open mic nights around L.A. ... planning to work up a full set of material and to play gigs.  We also talked about writing and recording.  Much to our surprise ... the feds denied her visa extension and she had to return to Israel.  Dang!  She will be back!  I want to say that I always thought Elinor had a beautiful voice ... but I was shocked to hear her belt out some serious pop tunes in the L.A. Idol competition.  She was amazing!

Sheri Pedigo

Sheri Pedigo & I perform at the
William Shatner Charity Event

I met Sheri at a NARIP brunch (those NARIP events are the best for networking!) ... We quickly became good friends.  Sheri sang on a children's CD I co-produced ... then we started writing songs and performing together.  She's a great person and a great talent!

The Sin Twins
at the Covina Playhouse

A few times a year I perform with The Sin Twins ... a 20+ piece tribute to the Blues Brothers and blues-rock horn hits.  On the most recent gig, I split a fingernail after the third song ... blood all over my keyboard for the rest of the show!  I give my all.

Here is a collection of TV & film audio post-production projects I did recently!
Click on the pictures to visit their websites and learn more about them.

'Krusing America'
Atticus Productions

Linda Kruse & Tom Geagan

Re-recording Mixer, Foley Mixer,

Some editing of production dialog/music/sound effects.

'3 Days Blind'
Those Keith Brothers


Foley Mixer

'Mostly Ghostly'
Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Foley Mixer

'Phineas & Ferb'
The Disney Channel

Foley Mixer

'Tak & the Power of Juju

Foley Mixer
Nominated for 2008 MPSE Golden Reel Award:
Best Sound Editing in Television: Animated
See my 'Credits and Awards' link below!

'Watchmen' Motion Comics
Cruel & Unusual Films - Warner Premiere

Dialog Recordist
(One Episode)

'Care Bears' (TV Series & DVD/Movies)
American Greetings

Foley Mixer

'The Fairly Odd Parents'

Foley Mixer

'Closer To Truth'

Dialog Recordist
(Two Episodes)

'Curious George'
Imagine Entertainment / Universal / PBS

ADR Recordist (quite a few episodes)
Foley Mixer (ditto)

'The Things We Carry'

Foley Mixer

'Resistance 2' Trailer
Insomniac Games

Foley Mixer
(Trailer Only)

'Timon & Pumba' Safety Videos

ADR Recordist (quite a few episodes)
Foley Mixer (ditto)

'Angelina Ballerina'
HIT Entertainment/PBS Kids/Nick Jr.

Foley Mixer

'The Ex List'
20th Century Fox Television

ADR Recordist
(2 Episodes)

Click this pic to hear my song
'Fairytale Dreams'

This was my entry to American Idol's 2008 Songwriting Contest.

Click this pic to learn more about the
William Shatner Hollywood Charity Horse Show

Click this pic to visit
Sheri's MySpace page


I'll be accompanying Sheri on keyboards as she warms up the crowd for Randy Travis at the

"William Shatner 18th Annual Hollywood Charity Horse Show"

(Saturday, April 26th, 2008, at the LA Equestrian Center in Burbank).

Click on the picture above to get more information about the event and to purchase tickets.


Sheri is a wonderful singer/songwriter whom I met at a NARIP brunch (

She sang for me on a children's music project, and recently we began writing songs together.

As we get them finished and presentable, I'll be posting them for your listening pleasure!

Click this pic to hear my version of
"Monday, Monday"

A strange series of events led to my recording this song ...
Click the picture above to hear "Monday, Monday" and learn the story behind the song.
Then bop over to my 'songs' page to hear more of my music!

Click this pic to hear my song

This song was written basically on a whim ...
Click the picture above to hear "Kresha" and learn the story behind the song.
Then bop over to my 'songs' page to hear more of my music!

Another nomination in 2008!
MPSE Golden Reel Award

I'm thrilled and honored to have been nominated for a 2008 MPSE Golden Reel Award
for my work at Advantage Audio on the Nickelodeon television show
'Tak and the Power of Juju.'
The category is 'Best Sound Editing in Television: Animated.'
Congratualations to my talented and hard-working associates Jake Allston and John 'J' Lampinen!
(Click on the award above to see all of the 2008 TV nominees.)
(PS: The award was won in a tie by two shows for which I've previously won awards:
SpongeBob and The Batman.
Congratulations to my old cronies for winning!  And I do mean 'old!'  Ha ha.)

Click this pic to visit
the Tak website

Click this pic to visit
my credits & awards page

One of Advantage Audio's 3 Mix Stages
Click this pic to visit the Advantage Audio website

Click this pic to visit J's
Congo & Steve website

Someone To Love For Christmas
Click the pic to hear the song

In 2006, I again approached the idea of recording 'Someone To Love For Christmas' ... this time with the intention of taking it to one of the world's most successful producers. My hope was that he would want to cover the song with a major musical artist.

I enlisted the help of long-time friend and amazing talent Rob Trow, who has appeared on so many of my recordings. Fate stepped in when a close friend of Rob's passed away, and Rob became intricately involved with the family and related events ... delaying the completion of this recording by nearly two months. By the time we finished the vocals and the mix, it was well into November ... far too late for anyone to cover it.

As with so many 'demos' in the past, Rob's vocals (and, in this case, co-aranging) made this a very special recording! My friend (and legendary producer) Jim Hilton was the first to point at my speakers and exclaim: 'That's a hit!'
From his lips to God's iPod!

Thanks to Jim, 'Someone To Love For Christmas' found airplay on Sirius Satellite's Playboy Radio last year ... and generated interest from several film producers and radio stations.

My hope is to get it back on the air this year,
and hopefully find the perfect holiday film to make it a classic!

The Michael Caruso Project
Click this pic to learn more

As of November 1, 2007, Michael and I are beginning a new era in our long-time musical relationship. We are and will be writing, rehearsing and recording continuously ... every chance we get. Let's see what happens!

Michael and I have had great experiences in our life by doing this. We used to hop the train from Philly to New York, sleep on friends' floors, grab a guitar and walk the streets ... knocking on the doors of record labels and music publishers. We made friends. We got deals.

When we landed in California and our band rented a house in Canoga Park, we met in the living room every day for weeks and 'played staff writer' ... leading to a great number of songs. Some sucked. Some were great. Several found their way onto our RCA album.

Let the games resume!


Click this pic to see
Guy Moon's credits on IMDB

Recently I attended a party at Nickelodeon for the premiere of 'Tak & the Power of Juju' ... where I bumped into composer Guy Moon. I met Guy when I edited his music on the Cartoon Network show 'Cow & Chicken.'

Guy was kind enough to recommend me to Mark Heyes, who now has asked me to edit music for the DVD release of several classic TV shows.

Click this pic to see
Mark Heyes' credits on IMDB

Click this pic to visit
the Tak website


Click this pic to check out
Cow & Chicken on Wikipedia


One of Advantage Audio's 3 Mix Stages
Click this pic to visit the Advantage Audio website

As many of my friends and associates know, after many wonderful and successful years in audio post production I recently decided to refocus my energy back to my true passion:

This was partly due to evidence of abusive and distasteful management amongst the audio post community. However ...

I've found a new 'home' for TV and film audio ...
where everyone is wonderful, happy and treated well:
Advantage Audio.

Click on the logo to learn more about this fine facility with top credits, high professional standards and talented people. Bring your audio post to Advantage Audio!

Martin Nethercutt, Me, Ruth McCartney
(click to visit

Click this text to sign up for my F.riends O.f R.oy iFanz blasts!

iFanz is a magnificent web marketing tool created by Martin Nethercutt & Ruth McCartney.

If you are a musician, actor, photographer, author, public speaker, model, singer, songwriter, composer, or if you operate a business of any kind ... iFanz will help you communicate with your fans and clients and keep track of vital statistics! You can track how many of your email 'blasts' are delivered successfully, how many are bounced, how many are opened, how many people click on each link in your blast ... and so many other stats.

With the iFanz player, which can be embedded on your website (or MySpace page) with simple copy-and-paste html, you can track who listens to and downloads your music ... and (via Google Earth cross-referencing) track the location demographics of your fans or clients!!

Click the iFanz banner to check it out ... and sign up for a free test account. iFanz rocks!


Me (in hat) at the WMA's with (from left)
Martin Nethercutt, Ruth McCartney, Michael Caruso, John Braheny

A festival of music and fine wine in beautiful Paso Robles wine country. I was one of the judges in 2007! Click the Winery Music Awards logo to learn more about the events in 2007 ... and come enjoy the festivities in 2008!


Me at the NARIP shminglefest
with Tracy Hanak, Don Coyne & some BG clowns

I recently attended the NARIP LA Networking brunch, a shminglefest! Every element of the music universe was well represented ... musicians, songwriters, composers, recording engineers, sound designers, publicists, managers, music attorneys. Co-hosted by NARIP-LA President Tess Taylor and iFanz creators Martin Nethercutt & Ruth McCartney.

If you are in any aspect of music, click on the NARIP logo and read all about it ... then come to the next event!

Me with Lee Gordon of Lee & The G*Spots

Jessica Caterina
(click to her MySpace)

Heart tribute band Dreamboat Annie
(click to their MySpace)

In recent times, I've played live shows quite a bit. It's been part of my 'All Things Musical' campaign ... to once again live my life as a musician.

Things are getting a bit overloaded lately, thanks to a lot of freelance work at Advantage Audio, some music production projects that are underway and a big, secret project.
So I'm cooling it a bit on live performances. Just for a while.

If you'd like to know when I will be playing, click on this text link and join my F.riends O.f R.oy email!

To the left & right are pics of some of the acts I've performed with recently.

(click to their MySpace)

(click to her MySpace)

The Sin Twins
(Blues Brothers tribute)


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