Lyrics & Music by Roy Braverman
© 2008 Bravermania Music


No one knows where Kresha goes
When Kresha closes her eyes
Anywhere her heart desires
It’s always your surprise
You’ll find her sailing on the open seas
Or flying in the summer breeze
Heaven knows where Kresha’s gonna go
Heaven know … oh … whoas … where Kresha’s gonna go

You can bet you won’t forget
When Kresha lets down her hair
Any time … her bag is packed
She’ll be heading for somewhere
You’ll find her running through your open door
Searching for something that’s more
Heaven knows when Kresha’s gonna go
Heaven know … oh … whoas … when Kresha’s gonna go

Today she may be down in Mexico
Tomorrow she’ll be found in Tokyo
On any given day you’ll never know
Where you’ll find her now

No one knows where she could go
If Kresha opened her eyes
Maybe she’s already there
And she left without good-byes
She may be answering the telephone
Then disappear to parts unknown
Heaven knows when Kresha’s gonna go
Heaven know … oh … whoas … where Kresha’s gonna go


Produced & Arranged By:
Roy Braverman


Recording Studios:
Recorded at the Bravermania studio.
All Recorded By:
Roy Braverman
Mixing Studio:
Mixed in the Bravermania studio.
Mixed By:
Roy Braverman
All Instruments:
Roy Braverman
Performed On Keyboards
All Vocals:
Roy Braverman

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One day ...

I was hanging out in the dining room at Advantage Audio

with Tammy & Kresha.

As I had done before, I sang a bit of the Debbie Reynols classic hit 'Tammy' ...

and Tammy moaned about how many people did that.

I said 'At least you have a song ...

I bet no one's written a Kresha song!'


After a chuckle ...

and a lament from Kresha that no one would likely ever try ...

I said I would write one.


Well ... I was only half serious about it.

I noodled around with it for a week or two.

Nothing was working.

I soon realized:  I didn't know much about Kresha!

There was no romance to fall back on  ... and I didn't want to invent one ...

so what could the song be about?

Then I remembered a recent conversation we had ...

where Kresha told me how much she wanted to travel the world.

I imagined her staring out the windows at Advantage,

fantasizing about bopping around the planet.




As it turns out,

when I brought the song to her a few days after itw as finished ...

I found out that the next week she was going to Europe!

Looks like I got it right  : )


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