Jingle Bikes

Recorded, Designed and Performed by Roy Braverman
Produced by Roy Braverman & Richard Delvy


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Produced & Arranged By:
Roy Braverman
Richard Delvy
Motorcycles and 'Jingle' Keys Recorded by:
Roy Braverman
Sound Design:
Roy Braverman
Roy Braverman

This holiday treat was created for a Honda commercial in the early 90's
by me and Richard Delvy, one of my partners in Atmospheres.
We drove somewhere south of Los Angeles (somewhere around Long Beach?) to a Honda factory/development site.  With a DAT recorder strapped to me, I climbed on the back of about a dozen different Ho-Ho-Honda motorcycles and held a mic behind me (to avoid wind noise) while a driver drove me around the Honda lot.
After that, they took us to the 'Dyno Room' ... where there were rollers on which the bikes could rev without actually driving.  There was a giant exhaust fan ... which we kept off for recording, until we nearly gagged!  Then we'd stop recording and vent out the fumes
Upon our return to Richard's studio, I sampled the bikes into an Emulator 2 and a brand new AKAI DD-1000 (which, at that time, was far better than Pro Tools!).  After tuning the bikes to different musical tones, I played Jingle Bells ... followed by some editing and design. 
The final touch: Adding some car keys as 'sleighbells.'

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Someone To Love For Christmas
featuring Rob Trow

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