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Bravermania is an association
of award-winning, world-class audio post freelancers
who have collectively over 200 years of experience
in audio for all media.
While specializing in animation audio,
Bravermania's team has experience in
film, episodic TV, video games, theme parks,
sitcoms, game shows, smart phone apps, internet audio,
and audio for every imaginable purpose.
Let's not forget ... music!
Composing, producing, and editing.
Most importantly,
Bravermania is driven by the desire to work with
great people on great audio projects,
with great care and attention.
Special Note:
Since the above glorius picture was taken
we've won a few more awards,
and more associates have come on board
with about a dozen more Emmys
and more than two dozen additional Golden Reels.
Maybe we'll take a new picture ... if we can rent a ballroom.