About Bravermania

Bravermania is all about me, Roy Braverman ...
and the pursuit of my happiness!!

Sure ... it's also my business.
And you will learn all about what I do here.
But the bottom line is this:
I have always loved being a creative person,
and I always want to love and enjoy what I do.

The one and only me ... Roy Braverman

I think of every recording, film, TV show, videogame, live show ... every creative endeavor ... as though it were my own creation. I want to be proud of everything I do!

As you may have noticed on my home page: I do nearly everything in the fields of music and audio. Click on the 'Music' and 'Audio Post' links below for details.

I have also developed relationships and associations with some of the world's finest musicians, singers, mixers, editors, sound designers, recording engineers, songwriters, composers, producers, directors, Foley artists, post facilities and supervisors. Click on the 'Associates' link below to elaborate.

I believe genius can happen anywhere, anytime ... often disguised as 'wrong' or 'crazy.' For this reason, I'm famous for never saying 'no' to a creative idea.

If you have a creative project and you want world class music and audio ...
talk to me!!!

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